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The South African Legion of Military Veterans Cape Town Branch

The SA Legion is a National Organisation, part of a world-wide family of organisations serving the needs of ex-service personnel and their dependents in the way of housing, pensions, employment and general welfare. It is non-sectarian and apolitical.

It undertakes investigations on behalf of the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL) in respect of assistance requested by other Commonwealth countries.

The SA Legion’s Objectives

The SA Legion is dedicated to:

  • Fostering that spirit of self-sacrifice, comradeship and co-operation that inspired members of the armed forces to work together in the common interest of their country.
  • To perpetuate the memory of those that fell and were left behind to lie in foreign fields and where...
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How the SA Legion began

After suffering the horrors of war in France and Flanders, thousands of men who fought on the British side in World War One underwent incredible hardship once they had been discharged from the armed services and returned to civilian life.

Realising the serious plight in which men found themselves, three prominent soldiers: Field Marshall Earl Haig, General the Rt. Hon. J C Smuts and General Sir H T Lukin founded the British Empire Service League... continued

The Women's Auxiliary

Every month the members of the Women’s Auxiliary conduct welfare visits to a number hospitals and homes that provide assistance to veterans. These include Valkenberg Hospital, The Salvation Army Home, Robertson House and the Happy Valley Shelter in Simonstown... read more

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The trenches of WW1

The trenches of World War 1

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